ALFANO frequently asked questions

If the track is not equipped with one or more magnetic strips how do I use the ALFANO lap timing system?
We also provide an infrared package that comes with an infrared sensor and beacon. So wherever the track doesn’t have a magnetic strip you can use the infrared system, while the main unit stays the same.

Why do you prefer the magnetic lap timing versus the infrared one?The magnetic strip is a straight and very precise line. Either you pass on it or you are out of the track.. Regardless of the number of vehicles passing on it at the same time it will catch immediately the signal. There is no such precision when using the infrared beacon. The signal might skip you or set off belatedly if somebody is between you and the beacon. The angle of the beacon is quite large (17degrees or more, depending on the system). This compares to a thin fine line across the track

Why do you consider yourself the world no.1 magnetic lap timing system?We have more than 500 tracks installed in the world and the list is growing every day. We have installation teams working all year long all over the world.

Is your magnetic strip an electric loop?The strips are just magnets laid in a groove. They don’t need electricity, batteries or maintenance of any kind. They emit a free constant energy during app. 200 years.

How does it work for split time?You can have up to 3 split times. We just install 3 magnetic strips on the track and then the ALFANO is ready to show you all the split times.

How do I know if the track I am running on is equipped with the ALFANO system?You can check in our track listing or contact us.

If I already have a system giving me the RPM , Temperature, … which system would you advise?You can use the ALFANO Cadet (see features) or the ALFANO Fun (see features) for a more professional use. Of course, the ALFANO Pro remains being the top of the line but it already has the RPM and temperature capabilities included.

How long has the ALFANO been on the market?The ALFANO lap timing system has been on the market for more than 5 years. There is a great evolution in our products since they were introduced. The R&D; department is always working to provide new features for the best use of the “Kart” community.

Can I use the ALFANO Pro without the lap timing features?You can use the ALFANO Pro for the RPM and temperature features and the data analysis.

How many boxes must be installed to make the ALFANO system functional?The main unit is the one installed on the steering wheel. Beyond that you have a tiny sensor for the lap timing and a little sensor for the temperature.

Can I recall the data when I arrive at the pits or do I only see the data when I am running?You can see the data live when you are running. In fact, the LCD setting is such as to enable you to see the most necessary data while you are driving . You can recall all information, lap by lap, when you arrive to the pits.

Does the data stay in memory?Unless you erase it, the data stays in memory; thus, you can review it at any time. The information also can be easily downloaded to your PC at home.

Is the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius ?It is an item in the configuration menu of the ALFANO, so you just choose the one you need.

Does it work with 2 cycles or 4 ?It is just an item in the configuration menu of the ALFANO, so you just choose the one you need.

Which temperature gauges are available?You have the option of water temperature (W.T.) or cylinder head temperature (C.H.T.).

Which are the alarm signals on the LCD while you are racing?Temperature., RPM, fastest lap, differential between best and current lap.

How does the warranty work?All our products carry a one year warranty. Of course, if there is a damage to the LCD due to any kind of accident or shock , we will be obliged to charge you for the repair. The warranty is void if you open the sealed box of your ALFANO lap timer.

What happens in the mud or in the rain, is your system water-resistant?Our units are perfectly sealed, they are fully water-resistant but it does not mean they are waterproof ( you can not dip the ALFANO system in a swimming pool). You will not have any problems racing under the rain, just make sure the connectors are well protected.

We advise you to read very carefully the manual that comes with each unit, most of the answers to the questions are in it. If however the problem is still recurring, just call us; we will be pleased to answer to all your questions.